The continuing COVID-19 pandemic is causing concern all over the world, and there is much uncertainty at the moment. As we continue to observe the COVID-19 situation, the health and wellbeing of our staff and clients remains our highest priority.

Mixing your family’s health with your obligations under the Family Law Act present new challenges, however you are not alone during this time. Despite the challenges that we are facing, we will continue to progress your family law matter and support you and your family.

We know you will have many questions, so we have prepared the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that may serve to alleviate some of your immediate concerns.

  1. Can I still see my lawyer?
    • Yes, while majority of our team is working remotely, we continue to provide our services through phone appointments, and/or Zoom and Skype conferences. You can contact our office number during business hours to be redirected to your lawyer and/or arrange appointments, as usual.
    • We are able to accommodate your needs during this time, whilst still being mindful of the health and safety of you and our team.
    • Our firm is still operating, and we are still able to provide our normal services to you, with minimal disruption.
  2. Do I still have to comply with my Parenting Orders during self-isolation?
    • Yes, you still have an obligation to continue to comply with all Parenting Orders if you choose to self-isolate you and your children.
    • If your normal change over location is closed or unavailable, we suggest that you communicate with the other parent to arrange an alternate location.
    • If you have concerns for your children’s health, we suggest you talk to the other party regarding your concerns and work together for your children’s health.
    • If you have any concerns about complying with Court Orders, contact our office and we will provide you with the necessary advice for your individual matter.
  3. What if the other parent does not want to self-isolate?
    • We suggest that all parents should follow the guidelines and recommendations of the Australian Government and keep up to date with any updates as they come.
    • While self-isolation is not yet mandatory by the Government, some parents may wish to keep their children at home. You are still required to comply with all Parenting Orders and make the children available to spend time with the other parent as Ordered.
    • We suggest having open and clear communication with the other parent if you have significant concerns, or alternatively contact your lawyer to discuss the matter further.
  4. Will my Court matter still be heard?
    • The Federal Courts have implemented new strategies and guidelines that are in accordance with the Australian Government’s Health’s recommendations.
    • The majority of Court matters will now be heard by phone for the foreseeable future and any matters that are required to be heard in person are limited to 1.5 hours in Court.
    • Some matters may need to be re-listed to accommodate these new guidelines. Please note that we will always contact you immediately should there be any change to your matter to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  5. Are there alternatives to going to Court during COVID-19?
    • Yes, alternate dispute resolution services such as mediation and arbitration are offering video conferences to allow parties to resolve matters quickly and amicably without the need to experience further delays in Court due to COVID-19.
  6. Will COVID-19 impact my Family Law Matter?
    • Our team has processes and procedures in place to allow us to work remotely which will allow us to continue to provide you with our high levels of advice and service.
    • While the pandemic is unprecedented, our team is focusing on continuing to progress your family law matter and servicing our community.
    • There may be some slight delays if you are required to appear in Court, however our highly experienced team will be able to assist you so that this does not have any detrimental impact on your family law matter.

The latest information about COVID-19 is available on the Department of Health’s website, including a number of fact sheets and resources for the public.

It is our absolute intention to continue to maintain the high levels of expertise, service and support we are known for during this time and welcome any questions you may have.