5 Signs that may indicate your partner is cheating financially

It’s devastating when a partner cheats on you with another person, but there is another form of infidelity that is equally as devastating and is often harder to recover from due to the financial implications that comes with it.

Financial Infidelity is when one spouse keeps financial information hidden from the other to conceal what they are doing. It could be as simple as having a credit card your spouse knows nothing about or incurring significant debt or selling possessions to hide a gambling addiction.

Signs your partner may be cheating on you financially include:

  • Your partner avoids talking about money or your concerns on what they are spending
  • You are not allowed to see bank statements for joint accounts
  • You are not allowed to open their mail or there are letters they tell you not to worry about
  • You discover a credit card or loan account you knew nothing about
  • They ask you to sign papers without explaining what they are for

Discovering financial infidelity does not mean the end of your marriage but it does mean it may require some work. However, if the marriage has ended you may need an expert family lawyer for assistance to protect your assets and or the further dissipation of your assets.

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