Can I record a conversation with my ex?

It has become common, in family law proceedings, for parties to want to record their former partner in an attempt to use that recording as evidence in Court to support their version of events.

Section 43(2)(a) of the Invasion of Privacy Act 1971 (Qld) provides that, it is not an offence to record a private conversation without the other person’s knowledge, provided the person recording the conversation is a part of the conversation. The recording may be a face to face conversation, telephone conversation or via any other electronic means and the other party to the conversation does not need to be informed or give their consent to the conversation being recorded.

This means you can record a telephone conversation you are having between yourself and your former partner, but it is an offence to record a conversation between your former partner and your children when you are not a part of that conversation.

Recording your former partner when they are unaware can lead to “staged” evidence which may deliberately paint them in an unfavourable position and may ultimately not be permitted to be used as evidence.

Accurate diary notes, to jog your memory, may be more helpful.

Speak to your solicitor before you decide to record your conversations.

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