We have a child – does that mean we are in a de facto relationship?

Parenting and Custody Disputes

Angela Tondelstrand had been with Schultz Toomey O’Brien Lawyers in the firms Sunshine Coast and North Lakes offices and working for another firm simply wasn’t an option. “The timing was perfect for Liz and I to start our own firm”, Angela said.

“There is a demand for experienced family lawyers on the coast and this demand only grows as we evolve as a region. It has now been necessary to expand into the office next door and we are pleased with the steady growth the firm is enjoying.

Family Law is an incredibly rewarding career, and while it can be challenging at times, being able to help people resolve their family law and custody matters in a professional caring manner is very satisfying”, Angela said.

From the beginning we have had clients find us and now our business is growing organically as word of mouth spreads. Our combined expertise and skills really set us apart.

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